Where objectives
and satisfaction

The Group is able to offer assistance to its clients starting from the very first project stage and all the way to after-sales support.

In after-sales, those assigned to those services have a pivotal role in clients' satisfaction and are capable of resolving all problems and emergencies with guaranteed service within 48 hours in all Mediterranean ports and within 72 hours in the rest of the World.

The Group can count on directly owned and managed offices in Spain, France, United States and Asia, in addition to an extensive network of direct collaborators situated in all strategic locations of pleasure yachting.

"To understand ideas and realize dreams of an entire family is an inspiring and difficult task. Only a serious and dependable shipyard with capable and attentive personnel can understand this difficult process and put itself to test in the building of such a beautiful object"

Ba.L.Sa.Ga.R. / owner Maiora 27s

"The quality of a shipyard is also judged after the yacht's delivery to the client. With our team I have found utmost helpfulness and above all, an infinite passion for products they build"

V.M. / owner AB 140

"The close personal relationship and the high quality of materials and attention to detail make the build process of a yacht, our own yacht, a truly unique experience "

L.K. / owner Maiora 39 metri