since 1971


The path which has led Fipa Group to conquer a position of absolute prestige in the international yachting world starts in the 1970s with the production of first vessels in fiberglass, a material still too innovative and new for most at that time.


In the 1980s, Fipa Italiana Yachts gained control over MAIORA brand which at that time already represented handmade craftsmanship of the highest level and which in Fipa shipyards found a fertile ground for development and ever more meticulous pursuit of perfection.


The beginning of 1990s saw the purchase of historic INTERMARE shipyard, located in Viareggio harbour, a place where the sea and yachting converge. This has allowed the Group to offer specialized mechanical assistance, stainless steel and teak work, and has put docking space at its disposal for final tests and trials before delivery to clients.


At the start of the new millennium, Fipa Group recognized that AB YACHTS, shipyard already at the forefront of design and construction of fast open yachts with waterjet propulsion, would perfectly complement its existing product range. With this acquisition begins the modernization of products and increase in production volumes. At the same time, in response to increasing market demand, a part of production was relocated to facilities in Massa where ample covered as well as exterior surface areas allowed the production to grow to 40 units per year, supported by further purchases of significant production facilities with direct water access in the port of Viareggio.


Another important step forward in the Group's development came in 2005 with the acquisition of CBI NAVI shipyard which brought competences in the domain of steel and alloy construction, as well as further increases in production spaces with direct access to Viareggio harbor waters. The passion for yacht construction has always driven Fipa Group to successfully take up the challenge to build ever larger yachts dedicated to increasingly demanding clients.


Presently, Fipa Group continues its expansion and is able to offer vessels in fiberglass up to 50 meters (165 feet), vessels in steel and light alloy up to 80 meters (260 feet), fast open vessels up to 60 meters (200 feet), as well as offer complete and fully integrated services in all areas of pleasure yachting.